Tracey McMillan

Tracey is the Director of Queensland Law Practice. Tracey was admitted as a Barrister in 2001and in 2008 Tracey made the tough call to leave her barrister chambers, and pursue her other passion; building business’ and helping other people to build theirs.

If anyone understands the excitement and yet daunting feeling of opening a new business it is Tracey.  Tracey opened Queensland Law Practice in 2011 and went through many expansions and structural changes within her business which continues to grow today.  Her goal is to help other businesses navigate these difficult times and to come out stronger. She has a strong business acumen and not only understands the law, but also how to apply it to get the best out of any situation.

The legal system is difficult to navigate and full of pitfalls. Fighting in court can be time consuming, emotionally draining and outright expensive. Generally speaking, it is generally best policy to negotiate better outcomes and avoid court, however, sometimes going to court is unavoidable.  If you have to go to court the lawyer you want in your corner is one who knows the system well and knows how to prepare you and your matter in order to achieve your required outcome.  After years in the legal industry and with many successes in the courtroom, Tracey does not measure her career by her victories, but rather her losses. Losses of which can be counted on one hand, a true testament to a legal career spanning more than 15 years.

Tracey lives her entire life by the saying “Nothing Ever changes if nothing ever changes”.  With change comes new possibilities.



  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bar Practice Course
  • Admitted as a Barrister 2001
  • Admitted to the High Court of Australia 2001
  • Admitted to practice in Queensland 2001
  • Admitted to practice in New South Wales 2005
  • Duty Lawyer Accreditation
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator