Business Law
Your Small Business Legal Team

Starting a business can sometimes be a painful and overwhelmingly complicated experience, BUT don’t let that discourage you.  Queensland Law Practice is here to help.

The creation of your business can have fundamental implications on your business growth, taxation, or even retiring or selling your business.   Given the serious implications it could have, it is important that your business structure and documents are prepared thoroughly for the type of business that you wish to develop because it may be difficult to change it later on.

Queensland law practice is your small business partner who can assist you right from the creation of your business to ensure you have all the tools you need to open a business.  Queensland Law Practice are experts in all areas associated with setting up a business. 

QLP can assist you to create a trust, business constitution, partnership agreements, and business structures.  QLP can also create employment contracts, business policies or other workplace agreements to ensure compliance with Fair Work Laws.  QLP can assist with Business Contracts, Purchase Agreements, trademarks and leases.

Remember that if you set it up correctly at the beginning, you are less likely to run into issues down the track when you can focus on what you do best, ie. Running your business.