Business Law
Your Small Business Legal Team

Running a business can be hard.  It can also be extremely time consuming, and being great at a skill or craft doesn’t automatically translate to being a good business person. 

At QLP we can assist you by making sure that your business contracts are prepared correctly, we can even draft your quote books and invoices to ensure that you are positioning yourself well in the event of a dispute.  In the event of a dispute regarding payment, we can assist to recover those funds in many ways that may avoid or involve court litigation.

QLP’s Small business team also has extensive experience in Employment Law and as such can assist with the hiring or termination of staff in order to avoid an Unfair Dismissal or Discrimination Action being brought against your business.  We can also assist by advising you on employment and business practices as and when the changes to the law come about to ensure that you are compliant with the Fair work Act at all times.

QLP can also assist you with all your leasing needs, or in the event that you wish to buy or sell a property, QLP can assist with your conveyancing requirements.

QLP’s Small Business Team can deal with all the legal aspects of your business so that you can focus your energy on the talent that made you decide to start a business in the first instance.