Wills & Estates
We can make sure your wishes are respectfully followed.

willsBy creating a valid will, a person is able (subject to certain limitations) to direct how their property is to be distributed in the event of their death and who they wish to administer the estate. A failure to create a valid will can result in a person’s property being distributed in accordance with relevant succession legislation, rather than in accordance with the intention of the deceased. As such, creating a valid will is the only way in which a person can ensure that their estate goes to those people who they wish to be beneficiaries.

A valid will can also limit the costs of administration of a deceased’s estate, lessen the possibility of dispute over estate assets and reduce stress on family and loved ones of the deceased.

In order to be held as valid, a will need to meet a number of formal legal requirements. Similarly, it is important to remember that certain life events, for example, marriage or divorce, can affect the enforceability of an existing will.

Accordingly, it is prudent that a person who wishes to make a will seeks the advice and assistance of a lawyer to prepare their will in compliance with relevant legal requirements to ensure that their property is able to be distributed in accordance with their wishes.

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