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We have helped thousands of businesses with their conveyancing needs.

commercial conveyancingCommercial Conveyancing in Queensland, which encompasses the purchase and sale of office space, industrial property, and retail space is notable for being a minefield, with numerous considerations such as GST issues, due diligence inquiries and payment of transfer duty and registration fees involved.

To further muddy the waters, Conveyancing in Queensland is notably conducted on the basis that time is of the essence. As a result, there are serious consequences if buyers or sellers fail to comply with their obligations which arise at various stages of the process. Such obligations can be particularly numerous with respect to some commercial property transactions.

Consequences for failing to meet an obligation when required may include termination of the contract, the loss of a deposit or even claims for damages. For this reason, it is essential that parties to a conveyance are guided through this minefield by a firm who understand the inquiries, obligations, and consequences involved. Our 23 years of experience in representing small business in inner-western Brisbane in conveyancing matters and numerous related areas has given us the know-how to guide you through the process — and any unexpected eventualities — from the signing of the contract right through to settlement. Our central Kelvin Grove location is very convenient for Brisbane Commercial Conveyancing as the Brisbane CBD is only minutes away.

As part of our commitment to guiding you through the entirety of the Commercial Conveyancing process, we are able to provide separate pre-contractual advice with respect to unsigned contracts of sale or even to organize a meeting whereby we can draw up a contract which is tailored to the particular transaction and which gives effect to your interests.