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property boundary and encroachment issuesProperty boundary disputes can arise for a multiple of reasons but the most common disputes arise in relation to:

  • Dividing fences (the cost, style or position of a fence);
  • Retaining wall placement and cost;
  • Incorrect boundary line position;
  • Encroaching property (structures built on a neighbour’s property);
  • Trees and branches crossing onto a neighbour’s yard.

Property boundary and encroachment issues can be sources of significant dispute and distress to affected land owners and in certain circumstances sources of significant liability and costs.

Depending on the attitudes of the parties to such issues, boundary and encroachment disputes can often be resolved in a number of ways ranging from removal of encroaching property, compensation or boundary realignment.

It is often prudent for parties to such disputes to receive legal advice about their position at law in order to be able to form a proper view as to how the issue can be resolved.

Queensland Law Practice’s professionals have experience advising and acting in relation to boundary and encroachment disputes and are well placed to provide legal advice in relation to such matters.

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