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workplace disputesDispute in workplaces are increasingly common issues for employers and employees to face. How each party approaches the dispute can be the difference to whether the matter resolves amicably and peacefully or whether the business finds itself at the receiving end of an unfair dismissal application.

There are many ways to resolve internals disputes and the Fair Work Act has set out certain requirements for undertaking internal disputes.  The most common form of dispute management is for an informal meeting to occur between the employees in-house.  Sometimes however informal meetings do not resolve the issue or the issue is one which is far more serious.  In those circumstances the parties may need to attend mediation or dispute resolution.

QLP has regularly attended both internal meetings and formal mediations on behalf of employers and employees.  QLP have qualified mediators who can also perform the mediation on behalf of the disputing parties if need.


With all the recent media attention on bullying, law-makers have made notable changes to protect persons from being bullied. Queensland Law Practice can assist by advising you about the changes to anti-bullying laws and how to respond to allegations of bullying in the workplace. If necessary Queensland Law Practice can assist by undertaking investigations of serious misconduct, assisting with disciplinary processes for employees and outlining rules of conduct for senior employees. We can also design performance review procedures to ensure that any issues of bullying are managed and if necessary implement further disciplinary action. In the event that that matter is unable to be resolved internally with the business, Queensland Law Practice can assist by representing parties in Dispute Resolution processes, and if need be, represent you throughout the court process.

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