Civil Disputes
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court litigationWhile all efforts are made to try and keep matters out of the court, there are many occasions when it is still necessary to commence Court proceedings against another person or business. This is known as Court litigation.

Whenever you commence proceedings it is important that your lawyer understands not just the area of law that relates to the dispute but also understands the practical skills and requirements needed to navigate the court system. After all, you don’t want to be paying a lawyer for their theoretical legal knowledge only to find that they have never entered a courtroom and therefore don’t know the practical requirements of specific Judges or Courts. If a lawyer has not had litigation experience in the specific area of law then it could cost you far more than a lawyer who knows the tricks and shortcuts in order to have your matter progressed quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

All lawyers at Queensland Law Practice are well seasoned in civil litigation. They have worked in the Court system, represented thousands of people and businesses in litigation, and attend court on an almost weekly or fortnightly basis.  The director, Tracey McMillan has previously practised as a barrister for approximately 8 years. Her knowledge of the practical ins and outs of the court system has been passed on to all the lawyers to ensure that they are strategic litigation lawyers and not just lawyers who are well versed in the law.

Whether it be Family Law, Commercial litigation, Civil litigation or Contesting Will/Family Provision Applications, Queensland Law Practice has lawyers who specialise in each area of litigation.

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