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business leasingCommercial Leases are essentially a contract between the owner of the premises (the landlord) and the business who wishes to rent the premises (the tenant).


In Queensland there are 2 types of Commercial leases:

  1. Retail lease; and
  2. Non-retail lease

Retail leases are leases which involve the sale of goods to a consumer (, grocery stores etc).

Non-retail leases are leases which involve distributors or manufacturers which do not sell directly to the consumer.

When entering into a Commercial lease it is important to consider such things as:

  • Rent Clauses and review terms
  • Options to renew
  • Repair and maintenance obligations
  • Disclosure statements

It is important that the terms of the lease are properly understood before they are agreed upon.  The consequences of entering a lease which is adverse to yourself can be financially and legally problematic.

Receiving legal advice from a solicitor prior to executing a lease is generally a very sensible measure to take, in order to ensure that the terms are suitable, or whether you need to negotiate alternative conditions.

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