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business disputesUnfortunately, sometimes operating a business will result in a business dispute.  Business disputes can arise in many different ways such as customer disputes, partnership disputes, or disputes with a business competitor.

legal stationeryBusiness Stationery might seem like a simple thing.  Why would a law firm deal in business stationery? Because more times than not the business stationery is relied upon by companies in order to form the basis of contracts and terms of trade.

If you spend the time to get your basic business stationery prepared then you can focus on do what you do best, which is running your business.

business leasingCommercial Leases are essentially a contract between the owner of the premises (the landlord) and the business who wishes to rent the premises (the tenant).

business purchasesSale of business contracts involve consideration of a variety of important issues for both sellers and purchasers alike. It is often the case that each sale and/ or purchase of business event is unique in so for as consideration of pertinent issues relevant to the particular business is concerned.

intellectual property and patentsIntellectual Property is such things as inventions, designs or logos, artistic works or written articles or stories.

As the world starts moving online, and as business documents increasingly get moved into the cloud, now more than ever it is important to understand and protect your business’ intellectual property.

contractual disputesContracts are fundamental to the operation of any business. They are not always thirty pages’ long and filled with extremely complex jargon. A business contract can be as simple as agreeing to do someone’s mowing or selling a chocolate bar.  A contract doesn’t have to be in writing and may even have implied terms that need to be considered.

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